From Raw to Door

Novusmet offer our customers a range of services from sourcing certified raw materials through to hi-tech complex extrusions and bespoke designs.

There follows a brief overview of our core services.

Direct Mill Supply >

Lo-Tech Processing >

Design and Development >

Specialist & Ancillary Services >

Market Consulting >

As always, these are a selection of our capabilities, so please get in touch with your specific requirements.

Direct Mill Supply

Procurement of minimum order quantity unprocessed materials at most competitive market value.

Best for…

  • Eliminating non value-added activities
  • Reducing Lead Time
  • Negating Administration Errors
  • Simplifying Supply Chain
  • Optimising Value

Lo-Tech Processing

Delivery of bespoke processed materials with option of ‘just-in-time’ delivery

Best for…

  • Reducing Initial Capital Outlay
  • Streamlining Logistics and Warehousing
  • Optimising Acquisition Costs
  • Facilitating Seamless Workflow and Automation

Design and Development

Providing metallurgical technical support and innovative expertise to deliver specialist supply solutions from initial concept.


  • Consulting on best choice of core materials, specification and supply chain
  • Determining optimum workflow and service requirement
  • Simulation, prototyping and testing of target product
  • Benchmarking of processes and exploring quality-driven value added improvements
  • Realtime granular optimisation of overall project flow

Specialist and Ancillary Services

Project specific processing of key manufacturing processes and workflow.


  • Heat Treatment
  • Stress and Mechanical Testing including:- X-Ray | Ultrasound | Glow Grain Analysis | Conductivity | Hardness
  • Product Finishing including:- Alochrom | Painting | Powder Coating | Anodising | Chrome Plating

Market Consulting

Expert and experienced market analysis ensuring cost stability, deliverability and sustainability.


  • LME Forecasting and Analysis
  • Reducing project critical currency impact
  • Understanding and Advising on Global Raw Material Capacity and relevant project impact.
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