NOVUSMET – Bringing Bespoke Metal supply solutions to reality

The metal industry is changing as it becomes more and more a commodity based market. The need to find bespoke solutions still exists and searching for the correct supplier or combination of suppliers , at the right price is challenging.
New Global suppliers are becoming more active and European suppliers are diversifying.

Novusmet was created to provide a unique service that brings together suppliers, machinists and logistics services to provide a full E2ES industry solution through consulting, project management and an unparalleled knowledge of the LME [London Metal Exchange]

The founder of Novusmet understands that delays in any supply & delivery can be mission critical.  Furthermore, both product design and raw materials along with all grades of alloy must meet stringent specification and certification requirements.  With this in mind, Novusmet combine their vast industry experience with that of trusted certified and long standing partners to deliver outstanding world-class metal solutions that fully meet the needs of their customers.

You may already have supply lines in place and are looking to streamline your project budgets and timescales, or you may be seeking a highly technical or sensitive metal solution – either way, it may well be advantageous to reach out to Novusmet.

Service, Quality + Sustainability

Companies across the globe are using aluminium to make products safer, lighter, more fuel efficient and more recyclable. We fully incorporate these requirements into our core values ensuring that our solutions are delivered with full attention to progress while maintaining responsibility and sustainability.

Our focus on quality extends throughout the business with regular audits ensuring that best practices are maintained.

We have established a rigorous system of quality control conforming to the highest standards and we are certificated ISO 9001. This satisfies the numerous proprietary requirements of national and hi-tech companies. We procure only from trusted manufacturing partners accredited to AS 9100. This ensures we meet our customers own individual stringent processes and controls. Complete transparency is encouraged throughout whilst the best supply solution is developed and implemented. We invite and arrange for our customers to visit and audit the whole supply chain if needed to satisfy their own quality requirements

All of the materials used in our products are fully traceable with documentation scanned, stored and catalogued for future reference.

Environmental Responsibilty

Novusmet are environmentally aware and do everything we can wherever possible to use recyclable materials.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to help protect our environment and pledge that we will continuously review our business activities and work to minimise any impact they have on the environment.

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